Friday, 9 April 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Sorry For Being A Bad Blogger!

I find myself apologising on my blog a lot lately. I truly am sorry about being a bad blogger. Normal Lady Bug Says service will resume shortly I promise you!

For now I will leave you with some pictures of my outfits from the last week or so

Thank you for your patience you lovely people!


  1. Hope you're okay! I do love that yellow and grey combo.

  2. Love your outfits!


  3. That black/white dress in tbe 2nd last pic is gorgeous - where's it from? x

  4. Some lovely outfits there - I see you are a fan of the humble grey cardigan, as I am! So versatile :)

  5. There is never a need to apologise! I love all your outfits x

  6. I love the nautical look on you and you're lucky that you seem to suit every single colour! That last look is gorgeous.

    And don't apologise for bad blogging - we;re all guilty of it!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  7. It seems grey was the color of your week. Nice outfits. Especially like your look with striped blouse, black skirt and dotted tights. I need some dotted tight myself, but everytime i find what i like, they look unreasonably expensive to me - i know I will rip them after few times of wearing, so don't want to "invest" a lot.

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Sarah - The black and white dress is from Primark.

    Ruta - The tights have small hearts printed on them and were from Tesco, costing £3


Your comments make me smile :)

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