Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Easy Breezy!

Evening ladies!
Just a quick blog post whilst I wait for Britain's Next Top Model to start. Anyone else eagerly awaiting the 'Makeover Episode'?! Is it slightly wrong to enjoy them all having their hair chopped off and crying alot?!
Here is an outfit from the weekend, which was largely spent doing housework!

Gladiator sandals, Primark £4, Shirt dress, H&M £5

Outfit total - £9

Think it has to be my cheapest outfit yet!

Before I disappear off for chocolate brownies and BNTM time, is anyone else very much looking forward to H&M's online store coming to the UK in September?! I know I am! Our European ladies have been able to shop at H&M online for a while now so is great that us UK lovelies will soon be able to as well!!


  1. I didn't know H&M were launching an online store, how exciting :)

    Very pretty summer outfit, pale colours look fab on you

  2. That shirt dress is really cute!:D

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  3. I really wanted those Primark gladiator sandals for my holiday, but I couldn't get them in the right size!
    Great dress, I love H&M and I know the online store will be ideal for hunting down stuff, as I only ever go to the shop probably once/twice a month. x

  4. That dress is lovley, it looks really vintage and summery!
    I am soooo excited for the H&M online store. It's pretty much the only highstreet shop which doesn't have an online store yet, and it's probably the one I shop in the most. I can forsee myself spending lots of money on their website!

  5. I can't wait til H&M come online - but am kind of scared as well at how much cash I might spend! xx

  6. Thanks for your comment.
    We love the makeover episode the best too!


  7. cannot wait unitil i can buy h&m online xxxx

  8. the shirt dress is fab, you are way to good at finding amazing cheap outfits!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  9. Gorgeous shirt dress! So simple, but still glam :)
    I never really watch BNTM anymore, but when I did I was always really annoyed at the make-over episode. They know its coming, and they have professionals telling them they will look good AND!!! Hair grows back! Really not the end of the world!


Your comments make me smile :)

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