Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Nudey Shoes

Evening lovely blog readers! I am not impressed with the grey clouds and rain that have replaced the glorious sunshine!(Though the garden is getting watered for free!)
Thought I would show you my outfit for the day, looking out of the window this morning I decided I needed something OK for the rain, but cool enough for the humid heat, so here is what I came up with. Oh and I really wanted to wear my nude bow shoes :)

Nude shoes, Primark £10, Jeans, Primark £8, Mint vest, H&M £4, Floral vest, Primark £4, Blazer, Primark £13

Outfit total - £39

A few of you noticed my lighter hair in my last post. I had it re-highlighted and cut on Friday for the bargainous price of £25(thank goodness for home hairdressers!)

I have been trying to go for the caramel look that Miss Audrina Partridge has been rocking so well, have I achieved it!?

Taking close up pics of your head is difficult!!

On another note, I am thinking of maybe doing a blog sale(silly me forgot my car tax is due next month, stupid expensiveness!) would anyone be interested in this? Would be mainly clothes/shoes/jewellery.


  1. Your hair's looking sooooo pretty, what a bargain!
    Loving the ripped denim.

  2. Love your look today - those jeans are perfect on you :)

    Your hair looks lovely & such a bargain, that's amazing! My friend (who is a hairdresser obviously) does mine, at her house - & she still charges me £40!

    I've not bought anything from a blog sale as yet, but I always like looking & am definitely open to the idea, so yeah I think you should do one - I'm going to do one relatively soon too :)

  3. Your hair looks lush. :)

    and the nude bow shoes look adorable. :) xx

  4. Perfect for rain in Summer! I love the jeans and the top, you are adorable! And the highlights look amazin'~!

  5. Really nice hair, very natural looking highlights. And £25! bargain.

    Love the ripped denim with the nude shoes.

    X x

  6. cute outfit!

  7. Great shoes, I've been trying to find a lovely pair like yours!

  8. Love the hair colour and that outfit is really lovely, the nude shoes go well with the florals and grey blazer :) ♥

  9. love your hair and those nude heels!


  10. Great look! Love the florals. And the hair color :)
    Leia's Delights

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous blazer... and your hair looks perfect.

  12. Wow, the hair looks absolutely beautiful, and that outfit is perfect for this crazy weather! Excellent knee ventilation - key in humid conditions! Ha! xx

  13. great outfit, i do that as well go out on the balcony, and decide from there what to wear for the day.

  14. Your hair looks a great colour :)


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