Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Everyone Loves A Bargain!

Hello Ladies :)
Hope you have all had a good weekend! On Sunday it was my Mum's birthday, so me and my sister decided to take her to Clarks Village for a little bit of discount shopping!
I must say I was pretty impressed with the shops there, mainly Monsoon, Whistles and Next Clearance. Seeing as I am currently abit on the poor side I only bought a few bits from Next as I had a gift card.
Next isn't a place I always think of to look for clothes, but I was seriously impressed with the clothes, and even more impressed with the prices! I thought that as it was a clearance store it would be full of past season items, so was really surprised to find gorgeous nude dresses, embellished tops, gladiator sandals, military inspired pieces and amazing heels!
I walked out with £173 worth of clothes for £19! I am sure you will be seeing these new items in the coming weeks!
Here is my outfit from today.

Heels, Primark (gift from my sister), Trousers, Next Clearance £35 reduced to £3, Grey tshirt, H&M £4, Studded cardigan, Tesco £7, Necklace, Matalan £2

Outfit total - £16

I will leave you with a photo of my favourite flower (gladiola) that is currently growing in my garden :) I am very proud to have grown something so pretty!


  1. Wow, I love the trousers - what a bargain.

    And you should be proud of that gladiola, it's a gorgeous specimen (and it makes me think of Morrissey, which in my little world is a good thing)

  2. Glad you got some great bargains. Next isn't somewhere I'd really look either but will definitely keep it in mind if I ever stumble across an outlet store. The trousers are fab. Pretty flower! x

  3. Cool pants!


  4. Fab outfit hun! That flower is so pretty, well done you! xxx

  5. What a bargain and you look gorgeous! We drove past there on the way back from Glastonbury. Didn't realise it had other shops in addition to Clarks'.
    That Gladioli is incredible, even Morrissey would be impressed. xxx

  6. Might have to get myself down to Clarks Village soon! Whenever I used to go with my Mum and Nanny (hardcore lol) we always used to get fish and chips from the highstreet for lunch lol xx

  7. Wow cant beleive you got £173 worth of clothes for £19 you deserve an award I have just discovered Next and I am impressed with their new season collection. Gorge outfit btw xoxo

  8. The Next clearance is always worth a look in, I got a leopard print bag a few years back for £5.00 and it retailed at something like £30.
    Those trousers are such a bargain!x

  9. I got my prom dress from Next Clearance! I've also got some really nice things in the Next Sale recently - the only time I ever go into Next is when its the sale!
    I've tagged you on my blog :)


  10. There's a Next clearance quite close to where I live but I must admit I haven't been there for quite a while. I tend to find their stuff a bit ageing at times but it looks like you got some fab bits. Love those trousers.

  11. Wow! That is quite a bargain.

    Great outfit, and well done for growing that pretty flower in the garden.


    p.s thanks for entering the giveaway good luck!

  12. Gorgeous cardigan and those trousers are awesome. I love a Next Clearance outlet... I got a pair of Ash wedges once for £30... used to be £130. Bargain!

    PS. Stop by and enter my Marc Jacobs giveaway !

  13. i've just stumbled across your blog,
    its lovely, i love bargain shopping
    & the gladiola is so pretty! very morrissey!

    i've just done a post about my best ever
    charity shop finds, i thought you might
    like it :)



  14. those heels are great....man. so much cool stuff at primark. :)

  15. £173 worth of clothes for £19 is just incredible. Can't wait to see the breakdown of this. Please show us what you got and the before and after prices. xx

  16. I quite like Next, only usually buy in the sales and I only usually buy things nobody else wanted. I have a fear of turning into one of the 'Next mums' at the school gates! Excellent bargain hunting x

  17. i certainly love a bargain great outfit xxxx


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