Friday, 10 December 2010

Lady Bug Says ... On The 4th Day Of Christmas

Evening Ladies!
Is anyone else finding it increasingly difficult to take decently lit outfit photos at the moment! It is dark when I leave for work and even darker when I get home! I am relying on the artificial light from my beloved chandelier(£10 Matalan bargain!) which casts some odd shadows, in my spare room(The Mr hates it and this is the only room it was allowed to go in!)
Today I wore a new dress that I picked up in H&M last weekend, I was supposed to be Christmas shopping but actually ended up spending more time and money getting things for myself! I still had birthday money burning a hole in my purse! It needed to be spent!
I was eyeing this dress up a month or so ago, but decided to give it a miss. So when I saw that it was marked down to £7 I knew it needed to be mine! Taupe and ruffles, two of my favourite things!

Boots(another of my favourite things), Birthday present from the Mr, Leggings, H&M £7, Taupe dress, H&M £7, Cardigan, Primark £7, Belt(came with a dress), Primark

£7 seems to be the magic price, outfit total £21

I seem to keep forgetting jewellery recently! I really have to try getting up just a little earlier so I have time to put some on!

Today on the Next site you can win £255 worth of bed linen! That is a lot of silky sheets and gorgeous cushions!

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  1. I'm definitely struggling with lighting at the moment - the camera seems to veer from being in focus and totally out of focus from one shot to the next which isn't helping!

    Excellent bargain on the dress. It's so pretty.

  2. Lovely outfit. These dark nights make outside shots impossible! xx


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