Monday, 6 December 2010

Lady Bug Says ... On The Second Day Of Christmas, I Gave You An Outfit Post!

Evening Lovelies!
I finally have my photo taking place back!! Well that is a slight exaggeration, I have a metre length of wall that is clear! To the left and right of me is a pile of Christmas boxes and other stuff that we are still to unpack!

Boots, birthday present from the Mr, Tights(2 pairs!) Primark £1 each, Body con skirt, H&M £3, Black vest, H&M £4, Sheer pussy bow blouse, Next Clearance £2, Cardigan, H&M £15

Outfit total - £26

I can't seem to make an ELF order recently without purchasing a nail varnish, and this beauty is the latest one to be added to my collection!

It goes from a very dark khaki/grey in some lights to a gunmetal grey with a hint of shimmer in others! Magic :)

Is it sad that I am kind of loving the fact that my blouse matches today's Next 2nd day of Christmas icon!

Today Next is giving away a fab prize of loads of gadgets! Perfect for the male in your life!

Now a little favour for all of you lovely people! As part of the Next 12 days of Christmas blogger challenge, they are offering prizes to the participating bloggers who generate traffic to their site, monitored by a blogger favourite, Google Analytics :)

So if you are checking out their fab daily giveaway(why wouldn't you?!) or going to a browse for that perfect Xmas gift to yourself then please go to the site by clicking on one of the 12 days icons on my blog!


  1. Gorgeous boots, and don't blame you for wearing 2 pairs of tights, it was really cold today!!


  2. i\ love the print of the blouse, and the ring is very pretty!

  3. I love your ring its so pretty! lol I was going to wear two pairs of tights as well but I couldn't do my skinny jeans up then, so had to wear one! (It was to cold to go out in just jeans lol) It is soooo cold and we don't even have proper snow here :'( X

  4. The blouse is so lovely, what an absolute bargain find x

  5. i lovee the top and boots! you look lovely xx

  6. Love those boots. Keep warm! xx

  7. ooo that ring is so cute and I just love the nails! xx

  8. that ring is so cute :)
    love the outfit!! x


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