Monday, 20 December 2010

Lady Bug Says ... On The 8th Day Of Christmas

Evening Ladies!
Now you Northern lovelies are probably going to let out a moan of 'you call that snow!' but to us 'Southern Fairies' the merest sprinkling of snow gets us excited. So I was pretty happy when I pulled up the velux blind this morning to be greeted by a big old load of snow!

Though when it sunk in that the Mr would still be going to work, and I would be stuck at home on my lonesome all day I was slightly less pleased. Combine that with the fact that I was running to the front door every time I heard what possibly sounded like a car sliding towards our cars, it wasn't the greatest of days!

I ventured out into the garden briefly, before retreating back to the warm! 8 inch's of snow!

The Mr got sent home from work early so I finally had a snow buddy to play with! We built a pretty impressive snowman! Complete with salad spoon hands!

Snow angels!

Hope you all had fun in the snow(if you had some!) I am hoping to be able to make it to work tomorrow, I may face a small mutiny if I do not turn up and sort out everyone's wages!

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  1. I love making Snow Angels! & the snowman is huge x

  2. Very cool snowman! It has been crazy in Scotland though - sooooooooooooooo disruptive. Enough already! xx

  3. That's a lot of snow by anyone's standards!! Love your snowman.

  4. You've had loads of snow!
    Love the snow angels, and jealous of your snowman.


  5. i really want the snow to go - looks like you've been having fun x

  6. brilliant snowman, i made one at the weekend too, i love the snow!! :)


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