Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Polka Dot Playsuit

Evening Lovelies!
Anyone else really feel like Autumn has hit today? The sun was misleadingly bright this morning, but it was bloody cold once I stepped out of the house! Probably not the best of days to be wearing a playsuit and sheer tights!
I decided to brave wearing bright red lipstick, and it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be! I was convinced it would stand out(in a very bad way) against my pale skin, but it didn't look to bad!
Today was also the first outing of a pair of vintage grey tights I picked up in the charity shop a few weeks ago, but I really didn't realise quite how sheer they would be! I must learn to read packets! My legs ended up looking just very cold!
So here was my inappropriate cold day outfit!

Steve Madden Boots, TK Maxx £35(am so getting my monies worth out of these! Need to get some suede protector so I can wear them through the winter!) Playsuit, Tesco £8, Vintage Grey Sheer Tights, Charity Shop £0.50, Ring, Primark £2

Outfit Total - £47.50

I decided to match the red lippie with some lovely bright nails! I just wish the matte tips were abit more visible!

Are you a red lippie fan?


  1. Love the playsuit - I've never been brave enough to try red lips but it looks ace with this outfit x

  2. Bloomin' cold here too! I love red lippie. Great playsuit. xx

  3. It is very chilly here. That red lippie is stunning and I'm liking the sheer tights, very current. xxx

  4. I do love red lippie but it's not very often that I try it. The playsuit is brilliant! :)

  5. i think i am in love with that playsuit!!xx

  6. I had exactly the same fears about trying red lippy for the first time as I'm really pale. It does take some getting used to but people always comment on it positively. And you look GREAT in it!

  7. Great blog, I love how you display your photos of accessories and nails etc.
    The playsuit is adorable.

  8. I loveee your nails and playsuit! x

  9. I love the red lippy and the polka dots, such a lovely combination x

  10. That playsuit is gorgeous! I'm loving your nails, I've been dying to try a matte top! xx

  11. I really like your playsuit. It looks very smart. You pull off the red lips and nails well! x

  12. Don't you look gorgeous?! I love the polka dots, red lips and red nails!



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