Monday, 4 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Short Shorts!

Evening ladies.
Hope you all had a fab weekend, mine involved lots of lounge wear clothing, drinking strawberry and lime cider(best thing ever, tastes like fizzy strawberry ribena!) and eating alot of chocolate. Probably not the most productive of weekends! I did intend to have a ruthless sort through my wardrobe, but having realised its not going to be the simple job I first thought it would be.
In other news, I think these shorts may have shrunk a little, definitely can't wear these with bare legs anymore!

Red long sleeved top, Primark via my Sister who has actually cleared out her wardrobe, unlike me! Shorts, Tesco £6, Tights, Primark £1, Shoe boots, Steve Madden via TK Maxx £35

Outfit total £47

Are you ruthless when having a wardrobe clear out, or are you like me and hold on the things that you believe you may possibly wear one day!?


  1. i love love love those shorts! look more like topshop to me :) xx

  2. REALLY cute shorts and love the ring :) xx

  3. Ah, I can never do a RUTHLESS clearout. I'm such a hoarder! I always think, ah, it might come back into fashion next season etc. Wish I had the guts to just get rid!
    I have that ring too- love it!

    xxx Maddie

  4. Mmm I love strawberry and lime cider :) and those shorts are super cute! I wore tights for the first time in ages the other day, the chilly weather is defo upon us eh? You look fab :) Im ruthless sometimes but a complete hoarder other times. Its hard going :( haha xx

  5. I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to having clearouts (of any kind!)

    I just can't bring myself to get rid of anything. Even though I actually really want to. My life, not to mention my wardrobe, is crying out for a massive clearout, but it just doesn't happen..
    Instead I just buy constantly more & more things to add to the ever-growing pile of .. stuff.

  6. I try and be ruthless but then I totally wuss out and end up keeping stuff. It eventually goes though.

  7. Love the shorts with tights, looks brill! I'm awful at sorting out my warrobe, I hate throwing things out x

  8. I can be very ruthless with other peoples wardrobes, but not my own!
    Loving the floral shorts with tights and that ring is fabulous! xxx

  9. I used to be fairly good at clearing out the wardrobes, but having recently got very annoyed baout the fact that i got rid of a coat whcih would have been perfect for this winter, i'm starting to reconsider the "keeping everything forever just in case" tactic! :)

  10. I used to be really ruthless but have started to store seasons clothes away. I looked through my past sales on ebay the other day and almost cried at the things I had sold and would love back!


  11. I am such a clothes hoarder, I always think "oh I'll wear it again one day"

    love those shorts.

  12. Love that ring, and those shorts are great, really nice with the top.

    I am getting better with my wardrobe, another bag went to ebay/charity the other week. But I bought some more stuff. I'll never learn.

  13. I am a terrible clothes hoarder, I keep things even if they don’t suit me, just incase one day I might need them!x

  14. these shorts look amazing with tights. Love the nail varnish too.


  15. Oh, I'm ruthless! If it hasn't been worn for a year, it goes to one of 3 piles - to give to Mum, to charity shop or for eBaying. xx

  16. I'm like you and findit so difficult to get rid of a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!

    I love your ring by the way.

    Sally from Louder Than Silence x


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