Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Birthday Outfit!

Evening Ladies!
Sorry for my absence in the last week or so, I had a stressful 'stop the world I want to get off!' kind of week. But the past few days have been alot more relaxed, spending time with my family to celebrate my 22nd birthday(which was yesterday).
On Saturday I went up to Clarks Village(I love this place!) with my Mum and Sister for a little shopping trip, but I will do a post on that in the next few days hopefully!
Yesterday the Mr treated me like a princess for the day, breakfast pancakes in bed and a trip to the zoo, what more could a girl want! I love the zoo, probably a little too much, especially the elephants!
So, this is what I wore, it was bloody cold yesterday! Sorry for the blurry photo, the Mr took the picture!

Boots, New Look £35, Leggings H&M £7, White knitted dress, TK Maxx £5, Leather jacket, Primark £25

Outfit total £79
This bag was one of my Clarks Village buys; suede, camel, tassels and studs, it would have been rude not to take it home!
Oh and I went back to being brunette again, I did attempt to leave the ends of my hair lighter but it doesn't seem to have worked(I do have a few random blonde patches though :S)
I will leave you with a few zoo photos!


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday.
    What a lovely bag and a great combination of tassels, suede and camel all in one item.

  2. ooh very pretty - i love the bag!

  3. Ohh Clarks village, I haven't been there in forever!

  4. Happy belated birthday :)

    Is that Paignton Zoo by any chance? It's hard to tell from those pics, but it's the giraffe photo that made me think it..


  5. Happy birthday for yesterday! What a pretty picture you make. xxx

  6. Your hair looks gorge, you are lucky you suit both.
    Glad you had a fab birthday. Day at the zoo sounds fun.


  7. :o £5 for that knitted dress! i really need to check out TKMAXX! hope you had a lovely birthday! xx

  8. aw glad you had a good birthfday hun
    Loving the outfit, as per!
    Love the zoo

  9. Happy belated birthday! Fab leather jacket and your boyfriend sounds like one in a million. xx

  10. Happy birthday! That bag is beautiful, I am so weak for tassels and you look gorgeous brunette and blonde, you lucky thing you

  11. happy birthday! love that bag, hope you had a nice day :) x

  12. Yeah, what is it with dude's being incapabale of getting a decent pic?! Haha! Mine's the same. Hope tou had a good birthday.

  13. Happy belated birthday! The zoo and a shopping trip sounds like a fab way to spend the day. Love the new bag.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! The Zoo trip sounds like the perfect way to spend a brithday :)x

  15. Happy Birthday for Monday, hope u had a lovely time! Love that suede bag!


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