Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lady Bug Says ... My First Post :)

Well here I am, taking my first tender steps into the world of blogging.

At this moment in time I'm not entirely sure what I am hoping to blog about/aiming to achieve etc... But I am sure it will soon become clear.

This weekend has consisted of being very cold, alot of the time! I have come to the conclusion that snow is good in very small, non-work day doses!
Yesterday I decided to brave a brief trip into town, it is the Mr's birthday next week and I still haven't bought him anything :S Think I am going to be trawling Amazon quite desperately tomorrow!
Finished off the day by making a load of butternut squash and carrot soup, the perfect thing for keeping warm in the cold weather.

I wore: Black tights(Primark £2), under black leggings(H&M £5), Grey cotton draped dress(Primark £7), Red boyfriend cardigan(Primark £10), Blue and silver scarf(Primark £2), Black leather riding boots(New Look £35)

Outfit total - £61

Today we decided to go and make the most of the snow whilst it is around on Dartmoor, found some lovely snowy covered hills and had loads of fun sliding around on rubber rings and in kayaks.

The Mr and me sliding down the hills on a rubber ring :)

I wore: Black leggings(H&M £5), under skinny jeans(Primark £8), white long vest top(Primark £3), long sleeved spotty top(Primark £4), thin grey jumper(H&M £5), brown knitted gillet(Primark £8), fairisle style slippers for the journey(Primark £5)

Outfit total - £38

And for playing in the snow layered up with many scarves, hats, gloves, jackets and my lovely cherry print wellies :D

Phew... well that wasn't quite as difficult as I imagined, just hope it is of some interest to people :D


  1. You are so pretty :) Hurrah for starting a blog
    (daisybella from mse here if you couldn't tell). I shall be following you!

  2. OOoooh, are you an MSEr? Which one?! I am so intrigued!

    Love that you and your Mr went sledging! I couldn't find anything suitable for sledging around here, otherwise I would've hit the slopes myself. :)

  3. Ah, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! (I'm zaraelise on mse - haven't been able to get on there for a week or so, my blog takes too much time now!)

    I think we should all make the most of the snow, you never know, it might be a one-off!


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