Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Nearly The Weekend

It was the Mr's birthday yesterday.
I love birthdays! There is something exciting about seeing people open presents, doing special things 'because its my birthday', eating cake, the smell of candles that have just been blown out and the general happiness that goes with it.
We spent the evening at home, I cooked him his favourite meal(lasagne and chips), we had cake with fountain candles, he had lots of presents and was generally a good evening. We are celebrating with friends at the weekend.

I wore
Black leggings - H&M £5, Long grey tshirt - H&M £4, Oversized grey/brown jumper - Tesco £10, Scarf with sequin details - Tu £3, Brown leather cowboyish boots - TK Maxx £30
Outfit Total - £52
Today I found this blue beauty hiding in my wardrobe, a forgotten Primark bargain from a few months ago. It has subtle shoulder pads and wonderful draping.
I love the colour navy, it has a way of looking great no matter what hair colour, skin tone or size you are.

I wore

Navy draped top - Primark £3, Grey cardigan - H&M £5, Dark skinny jeans - Primark £8, Fake Tan Ugg boots - Matalan £5, Gold necklace - Matalan £3

Outfit total - £24


  1. I love navy too! Such a versatile colour. Good outfits!

    And Happy Birthday to your Mr! :)

  2. I need more navy in my life! I also love your oversized jumper dress thingy
    (I'm so eloquent!)

  3. Jumper dress thingy is the perfect description, goes well with my 'cowboyish' boots!


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