Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Home Comforts Please

There really is no place like home. Home to each individual is something very different, but very similar at the same time. Somewhere you feel comfy, safe and warm. Surrounded by your belongings, memories and family.
This weekend I was without the internet, and really enjoyed just spending time at home, catching up on some reading, some cooking, relaxing with the other half and being generally quite lazy.
The outfits were nothing to really comment or photograph, a combination of Pjs, leggings, cardigans and slippers, depending on the time of day.
Monday was back to work and back to proper clothes.

I wore
Black leggings, H&M £5, Grey legwarmers, Primark £3, Red check dress, Bershka £10, Black tshirt, H&M £4, Grey cardigan, H&M £7
Long black leather riding boots when out, New Look £35
Outfit Total - £64
Pictured in my comfy chair in my bedroom.
Found a Glamour magazine freebie whilst sorting through more boxes, Nails Inc in Victoria and Albert, such a brilliant vibrant red!

Today I felt like slouchy clothes, probably something to do with the copious amount of baked goods I have consumed in the past few days!

I wore
Black leggings, H&M £5, White vest top, Primark £3, Oversized leopard print tshirt, H&M £7, Red boyfriend cardigan, Primark £10, Brown beads, Primark £2, Suede slouch boots, Thrifted from my mum
Outfit total - £27

These boots are some of my favourite, discovered a few years ago when my Mum was having a wardrobe clearout. She doesnt remember wearing them for at least 15 years so I quickly snaffled them. Need to get them rehealed desperately!

Whats your favourite family fashion find?

... Have also noted that I really need an alternative to black leggings! Can any of you fashion fabulous lovelies recommend where I can get some more interesting tights/leggings at purse friendly prices?


  1. If you can get to Accessorize in the next few days while the sale is still on, they have loads of wonderful tights. I got some lacy one for £3! Otherwise, M&S are great for vibrant tights for £4.

    Those boots are so wonderful! As I'm the only real fashion fiend in my family, I'm always giving my things away to others! Will have to go hunting through my sister's wardrobe.

  2. Lovin' the boots, what a fab find!

  3. The boots are fab.

    I've got that nail varnish on ebay at the moment. Red's don't suit me but look great on you.

  4. Lazy weekends at home are best what i know:)
    Love your boots!


  5. I love the checked dress, and the boots are great!!

    X x

  6. Those boots are amazing, and I love that nail colour.

    I've never really found anything from rooting around my Mum's clothes, she got rid of a lot before I was born (and regrets it now!). I did nab an awesome/hideous velvet bolero from her though.

  7. Love the nail polish! Amazing red!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  8. I love the leopard print shirt with the red cardi! Your nails look fab too.
    As for black leggings alternatives... I've found navy/jeggings are a really good and updated alternative, otherwise anything a black lace pair (Primark/NewLook do some good ones) add a nice twist to just plain black.

    - Anna Jane xxx


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