Monday, 11 January 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Got That Monday Feeling

I went to sleep last night actually looking forward to Monday morning for once! I have a new project starting at work and couldn't wait to get going on it.

Monday morning came, I woke up late, my car broke down and my Monday morning happiness drifted away! So I am now car-less :( and awaiting a rather large bill from the garage. Not ideal just after Christmas, especially as the Mr and me have just bought our first house and he crashed his car in the icy weather before Christmas.
Oh well, I'm sure something good will come my way to make up for the expensive nasty stuff!
Today the only thing I wanted to wear was my tartan skirt that I rediscovered whilst unpacking boxes that had been in storage. I love the detailing with the large bow on the front and the chunky silver zip.
I love unpacking boxes :) rediscovering things you had forgotten about and getting your hands on things you had been wishing weren't locked up in storage for so long!

So today I wore: Tartan skirt(Primark £5), 2 pairs of black leggings(H&M £5 each), Black and grey Tshirts(H&M £5 each), Black cardigan(Primark £8), Blue and silver scarf(Primark £2), Black riding boots(New Look £35)
Outfit Total - £70
One thing that brightened my day was receiving my order of goodies from ELF Cosmetics, my favourite cosmetics at the moment. Can't beat them for price and quality in my humble opinion! What is your favourite cosmetics brand?
Love having new products to play with :)

Hope everyone is surviving the snow!


  1. Oh, I feel like your kindred spirit right now! I LOVE unpacking. Even without the thrill of finding new things (that's definitely the best bit, though), I love seeing all my belongings laid out, rifling through photos and old letters, trying on clothes and shoes and hats. It takes me hours and hours to sort things out - I get so distracted with all of the above!

    And, I just got my first order from ELF and cannot tell you how impressed I am. I ordered new makeup brushes and they are fantastic. Yay!

  2. I'm sorry you're having a rough day! At least you look adorable - MAC is my favorite makeup... but price wise, I'm a big fan of ELF as well. :)

  3. Another ELF fan! I'm already planning my next order.

    Sorry about your car, what a nightmare. However rediscovering lost clothes is pretty awesome! x


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