Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Whats In Your Handbag?

As this weekends outfits have been exceptionally blahh (have been doing a cleaning job for my work, jeans and work tshirt does not make good blogging!), I have decided to give you all a peek into what lurks inside my handbag.

I doubt it is just me who is interested in what other girls carry around with them!

So firstly this is my bag of choice at the moment

As many will have come to expect from me, yes this bag is from good old Primark and I think it cost £6. It is large enough to carry all the essential bits, but small enough to stop me from lugging around unnecessary crap!

And now the 'essentials'

- Body Shop Papaya Lip Balm

- Wide toothed comb

- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

- Elf Mineral Eyeliner 'Midnight'

- Samsung Blade Phone

- USB Memory Stick

- Pens

- Purse - Currently a 'Gucci' style purse bought back from holiday by my sister

- Impulse body spray 'Tease'

- ELF Compact Mirror

- Pink notebook - Generally used for the food shopping list

- Journal - Everyday thoughts and reminders. Got this new one last weekend at TK Maxx. I somehow managed to forget they had a home section! Jeeze I could of bought the majority of that place, but restrained myself and just got a new journal with a pretty cover :)

- Sunglasses, varies depending on mood!

Not shown, Car & House keys & Camera

So lovely blog readers, whats in your handbag?


  1. I have that handbag! Ah, from one Primark obsessive to another. ;)

    My handbag consists of my purse, keys, phone, umbrella, woolly hat, hairbrush, makeup and the grand total of 3 notebooks!

  2. My bag changes daily but I'm always carting around the same old crap!
    Usually its a woolly hat, tissues, trusty black eyeliner and blusher, compact, hair elastic, mobile, purse, journal and a biro (like you I'm an obsessive scribbler), cotton tote bag (say no to plastic and all that).

  3. Great post babe, i've done one of these & I think I just keep EVERYTHING in my bag. It has all my revision notes in it at the moment too, so its ULTRA HEAVY!
    Steph x

  4. I have to keep 'Mum' stuff in there! Usually a bag of sweets, happy meal toy and a fruit shoot! but leather gloves, sunnies, Make up set, mobile (I've got a Samsung blade too), purse, notebook - but rarely a pen, Mickey Mouse Fold up tote and I think that's it!


  5. I love your bag, though it's so empty compared to mine. Perhaps doing a post like this myself might shame me in to sorting it!

  6. I did one of these a while back, so fascinating to see! Yours is a lot less full of crap than mine :)

  7. That bag seems so tiny but you manage to fit the essentials in :)I have a post like this i love them i guess its because im nosey hehe
    Im a new follower by the way *waves*

  8. ive just done a handbag post. love yours too :)


Your comments make me smile :)

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