Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lady Bug Says ... The Snow Has Gone!

As quickly as the snow appeared overnight, it disappeared. I am actually quite glad. I can wear shoes without fearing they will get soaked through by the slush or my toes might get frozen by the ice!
My unreliable car(Colin) was returned to me today, in exchange for £320 ouch :( But at least I have transportation again!
I was inspired by Jen's blog yesterday where she layered tights and shorts, it is something I have always thought about trying but never really had the guts to. I was actually quite pleased with the results, it certainly offers another outfit possibility for the colder months and makes use to items that would normally be relegated to summer wear only.

I wore:
2 pairs of black leggings(I have around 10 pairs!) H&M £5 each, Grey denimn shorts - River Island £10, Long sleeved black top - Primark £4, White tshirt with skull and stud details - Thrifted from Sisters wardrobe £free, Red boyfriend cardigan - Primark £10, Grey beanie hat, TK Maxx £5, Grey knitted 'Uggs' - Primark £8
Outfit total - £47
Received a gift in the post from my Mum and Sister today :D

Don't you just love getting unexpected post?!


  1. I LOVE getting post! We got two belated happy engagement cards from America today - it's so much fun!

    Love the tights and shorts look. You're rocking it!

  2. Un-expected post is the best kind! I'm forever sending my friends random letters so they get that feeling too!

    Your so lucky not having snow anymore. Still blizzarding outside here!

    You rock the tights and shorts look :)

  3. Sometimes I think my love for Hello Kitty goes to far, got lots of nice bits and peices for Xmas :D Who would of thought they do a Hello Kitty Chocolate Fondue Set!


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