Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... I Would Like These Please :)

Today I have decided to do a little post of things that I would quite like the Fashion Fairy to put in my wardrobe. Or possibly to buy, but I prefer the former!

Pink jumper - Topshop - £40

Amazing tan buckle shoes - River Island - £84.99

Dress - River Island - £34.99

Dress - Soul Cal @ Republic - £19.99

Dress - Miso @ Republic - £24.99

Oatmeal boyfriend cardigan - Peacocks - £18

Nude suede shoes - New Look - £20

Studded Skirt - New Look - £16

Summer Dress - Matalan - £18

Sequin detail top - Matalan - £12

Knitted Dress - Boohoo - £15

Striped Blazer - Boohoo - £15

What are you wishing the fashion fairy would bring you?


  1. Oooooh, why would you do this to a girl on a Fashion Diet?! Eeep, I love the suede shoes and studded skirt from New Look. Gorgeous!

  2. A whole wardrobe of new clothes!

  3. Oh my, I do love the knitted Boohoo dress. I would like a lovely fifties swing dress and a big poofy petticoat to put underneath it. I've been after one for years!

  4. Oh I love so many of those pics but especially the blazer!

    I've got my heart set on some knee high boots from Duo but a) they are expensive and b) they come in specific calf measurements so there's no point me buying them whilst I'm still losing weight. Gah, I want them now!

  5. I can so see you in that River Island dress and funky shoe boots.

  6. That fairy won't be able to fly, she'll need a delivery lorry!
    Lovely things for Spring...
    Vicki xxx

  7. Ahhh god, now I'm totally lusting too. The fairy is going to be incredibly busy by the time us lot have finished with her!

  8. I want to go shopping now after reading your blog. That pink topshop number is to die for x

  9. Both pairs of shoes are amazing! I want them :)


Your comments make me smile :)

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