Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Matchy Matchy?

Evening All.
I have been a bit absent lately, other areas of my life seem to have taken over and I haven't had a whole lot of time for blogging, which is a shame as I really enjoy doing it! But I'm back! And will be reading all the blogs I have missed, have a feeling I will have a lot to catch up on!
I am in the last week of my shoe challenge, and have been saving some of my favourites for the end! Today I have gone for my leather 'riding' boots. Definitely a perfect choice for the rainy weather!

So today I wore

Black tshirt, H&M £4, Black and blue dress, T & Cakes via TK Maxx £10, Grey boyfriend cardigan, H&M £15, Turquoise tights, Tesco £2, Black riding boots, New Look £30

Outfit total - £61

I'm not to sure if the tights with the dress is too matchy matchy, think I need to have a look through the wardrobe and see what else I could pair them with!


  1. Great boots, fab legs!
    You definately pull of the similiar colours as your boots are long and break up the blue although, I'd wear a pair of black lacey tights over the top just to add an extra dimension.
    Hope things are getting better for you.

  2. No, don't change it! I LOVE matchy matchy - especially tights that match dresses!

  3. Love this outfi, the boots are gorgeous, and I like the bright tights with that dress. Gorgeous as usual :)

    Queenie xx

  4. Love these tights, they look amazing with the boots ♥

  5. Lovely again !! I follow you btw :)

  6. The tights are a fabulous colour and I adore the boots

  7. Oooh no, I really like the tights with the dress.

  8. Love the tights with the grey of the cardi, and that dress is great!

    X x

  9. I love those tights the colour really suits you :)

  10. I love this outfit, definately not matchy matchy at all. What's the design on the dress, it looks so 80s!

    Glad you're back lovely, I hate it when I really want to blog but just can't for some reason or another.

  11. This is a beautiful outfit. I want it!
    Vicki xx

  12. I think the tights are perfect with the dress, and I love those boots x

  13. The outfit works really well, I wouldn't change a thing =) x


Your comments make me smile :)

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