Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... These Heels Were Not Made For Walking!

Evening All,
Well it is day 2 of the Shoe Challenge and it just felt like a heels day(i.e. I knew I would be pretty much sat at my desk all day!)
So out came these beauty's! Another Primark bargain, and quite comfortable considering how high the heel is!

So today I wore

Black tights, Primark £2, Leggings, H&M £5, Black long sleeved top, Primark £3, Sheer dress, Not sure of brand, bought at Clothes Show £5, Crochet detail cardigan, Primark £8, Heels, Primark £12

Outfit Total - £35

Have been on the look out for some coloured tights(a bit late catching on and am now ready to stray away from the safe black leggings and tights) and found these bargain pairs in Tesco today.

At £2 a go if I decide I don't like the colour or they get laddered is no big loss :) They shall be making an appearance(on my legs rather than in the packets!) later in the week.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes! These are really great, can't believe they're Primark! And the detail on your dress is so pretty.

    Bargainous tights! Love the colours!

  2. Primark shoes always seem to be so comfortable! I love the heels :)

    In answer to your q, my boots were £40 from River Island. Not bad I thought considering their shoes/boots are usually wayyyy overpriced. I just hope they last!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  3. With all due respect to primarni, you'd never think those shoes were from there in a million years. So so sooooo gorgeous

  4. SUCH cute shoes. And I love, love, love your paired dress!

  5. Well done on the shoe challenge, love those Primark heels! :)

  6. I love those shoes and tights! My Tesco never stocks anything other than black or sheer tights :(

    Ooh your comment just popped up lol,
    dress was £16.99 :)

  7. That's lovely !

  8. Shoe challenge is GENIUS. And I always find Primark shoes really comfortable too! Maybe it's something about the shape of my feet... :S


  9. Lovely shoes, I <3 them :) Please follow me! x

  10. Primark shoes make up the majority of my collection! And yes, I find them some of the comfiest too!


Your comments make me smile :)

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