Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Sunday Shoes

Don't you love weekends that actually seem to go slowly rather than speed on by?
Today I have been on a visiting loved ones.
2 years ago I moved in with my Mr, an hour away from my family and most of my friends. The move was a brilliant thing for me, I am so much closer with my family now we are not living in each others pockets and time with my friends is really valued.
So after a morning of visiting my grandparents I had a lovely lunch out with 2 of my bestest friends.
And lunches out with lovely people mean wearing lovely shoes! These shoes are among my favourites, despite the ridiculously high heel meaning they are completely impractical!

I wore

Black tights, Primark £2, Black vest top, Topshop £5, Taupe shirt, Primark £5, Black cardigan, Primark £10, Belt, Primark free with skirt, Shoes, Matalan £7, Necklace, Matalan £3

Outfit total - £32

Last night I spent a little while(and long long time actually!) trying to work out ways of putting my hair up more elegantly than a simple ponytail! After many attempts this is what I came up with, it looked ok from the front but not to sure on the back :S

Please excuse the messy kitchen, I make the mess, its the Mr's job to clean up :P


  1. Gorgeous shoes and fabulous hair, very "Land Girl". Sounds like you both had a lovely day.
    Well done on your win, too.

  2. i seem to be closer to my dad now i have moved in with my boyfriend too, im only about a ten minute car journey away but as i dont drive i only see him once every week or 2 but we phone each other pretty much every night :)

  3. I love the shoes! And good to see you had a lovely weekend :) xx

  4. Lovely shoes, and as you say if you are lunching, then that means sitting so high heels can come out!!
    Hair looks lovely, looks quite natural and not too done. Love that scarf you have on aswell.
    X x

  5. I think the hair looks lovely. I may have a go at an up-do myself this week :)

    I'm envious of your modelly figure in that middle photo.

  6. Your hair looks lovely, and oh man those shoes <3

  7. You have such pretty shoes! And your hair looks great in that up-do, it makes me want to grow my hair out! ^_˘

  8. Love the whole outfit - goes so well with the shoes and hair!

    I might try that with my hair - I like to wear it away from my face but ponytails get boring.



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