Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Dressing For The Weather

I always seem to find that the weather has some influence on what I wear day to day. How I would love to be able to pick an outfit without having to look out of the window first!
The past few days Mr Weatherman has graced us with 'Cloudy skies with scattered showers' i.e. bloody miserable!
So Mondays outfit consisted of some booties that I really wanted to wear for my shoe challenge. I have had these for years but have been really unsure how to wear them, the outfit I choose was definitely more out of warmth than style, so no fashion awards will be won for this one!

I wore

Skinny jeans, Primark £8, White long sleeved tshirt, H&M £5, Black tshirt, H&M £3, Grey knitted cardigan, H&M kids, £10, Knotted necklace, Matalan £3, checked boots, Primark £8
Outfit total - £37

My hair was really no co-operating that morning so attempted a French plaitesque thing! Worked quite well, think if I had more time I would have made it a little more casual and looser.

Today I knew the only thing that would keep my feet even vaguely warm at work was my ugg style boots. Again a bit of warmth over style!

I wore

Black leggings, H&M £7, Black long sleeved top, Primark £3, Leopard print tshirt, H&M £7, Grey boyfriend cardigan, H&M £15, White plaited belt, Primark £2, Heart pendant necklace, Gift from the Mr.
Do you find yourself frequently having your outfits dictated by the weather?


  1. I love your French plait ceation, looks really pretty and you look fab in leopard print.
    I hate miserable weather, I've ammassed a rather large collection of cheerful coats which keep me smiling through the dark days of winter.

  2. All my winter clothing seems to be dictated by weather because my office has no central heating and I can't bear the cold! Layers and layers and yet more layers :(

    Love the hair! I don't think my arms bend the right way to french plait my own hair, it's most annoying.

  3. Love the french plait, very cool. When my hair finally decidess to grow more I'd love to be able to do that.

    I stupidly wore ballet pumps, and got soaking toes! Warm bath and slippers later only just warming up!

    X x

  4. I wish I could plait like that, I've never had the skill haha.

    I hate having to dress for the weather :(

  5. I love your hair, I cannot do french plaits, I just get confused and it looks bad, as in bad bad!

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  7. I love your hair I wish I could do that I also love those checked boots they are very rocket dog-esque...all my outfits are dictated by the cold atm Im so over winter clothes now longing for the sunshine

  8. the french plait looks lovely! and the leopard print with the belt looks great on you :) x

  9. I try not to let miserable weather stop me from wearing the flimsy dresses I'm so fond of - I just wear a long sleeved top underneath and a chunky cardigan over the top! :)

  10. wow i love that french plait!!!!! nice blog btw.

    xoxo jenna

  11. Wowee, love the hair! And I hate british weather, I always have to cover up and hate it cause I can't wear as many interesting outfits! xxx

  12. I'm terrible at dresing for the weather. I always end up with freezing legs, so it's a god job I don't feel the cold very much!


Your comments make me smile :)

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