Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Happy Lazy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Hope everyone has had a good day.
The Mr and myself decided that we would just have a nice chilled out day. So we have watched some films in bed, eaten lots of pancakes and exchanged a few small gifts. Currently he is playing COD and I am browsing the net and trying to decide what to order from the Indian for our dinner tonight!
Having taken holidays for Valentines for the past few years, and as our financial situation has very much changed we decided to set ourselves a little budget this year of £27.50.
So here are the lovely things I received

As today is a official lazy not going out day I won't do a picture of my face without make up!
So today I am wearing

Black leggings, H&M £7, Heart print slippers, Peacocks £5, Black tshirt, H&M £5, Sheer dress, Primark £5, Cardigan, Primark £6

Outfit total - £28

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday :)


  1. Blegh, Valentine's - my two best friends and I are going out for a sympathy date together. Hope you had fun!

  2. Happy valentines day.

    What lovely gifts :o) My husband got me a slanket hahaha! I look like an old lady when I wear it - I'm such a fashionista!

  3. Fantastic gifts, looks like Mr Ladybug has the same impecible taste as his lovely lady, a match made in heaven!

  4. Nice presents! Glad you are having a lazy lovey day.
    Vicki xx

  5. Aw such lovely presents! haha and £27.50?! what a random amount :p

    Sounds like a lovely snuggly day! x

  6. Sounds like a lovely day - and he did well with the presents didn't he? Loving the necklace :)

  7. Great choice of pressie!


  8. What lovely gifts you got! necklace is beautiful.

    x x

  9. I love your very specific budget - £27.50! And you got some great things. :) x

  10. Sounds like a lovely day :)
    Am glad my boyfriend doesn't play COD anymore, it was ruining the relationship for a while! Haha!

  11. He did do quite well and seemed to notice the various valentines flowers leaflets left around the house!

    We agreed on £27.50 after trying to come up with a budget and me saying £25 and him saying £30, so decided to meet halfway.

    We have a deal with COD, he can play it whilst im blogging/net browsing/cooking!


Your comments make me smile :)

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