Monday, 8 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Just Another Boring Monday

Monday's have to be the worst day of the week, they seem to drag on forever!
Today, day 8 of the shoe challenge, I decided to inject a bit of shine into my outfit! So out came the silver pumps :) Got to love a bit of shine!
I wore

Cropped tweed trousers, TK Maxx £10, Black tights, Primark £2, Black tshirt, H&M £4, Pink ruffle shirt, Primark £6, Black boyfriend cardigan, Primark £10, Silver pumps, New Look £5

Outfit Total - £37

The cropped trousers are currently in the 'shall I Ebay or shall I keep' pile. I think they may be better with heels rather than flats? Though after being told by my Dad that I look like a golfer in them I am tempted to get rid of them altogether!


  1. Love those tweed trousers on you - keep them!
    Great with those silvery pumps, really funky.

  2. Keep the tweeds and team them with a pair of skyscraper heels, nothing brogue-ish. Dads don't understand fashion. ;-)

  3. Dads really don't get fashion do they? Those trousers are really really nice. I'd be inclined to whack a pair of heels on with them though :)

  4. Yes, I definitelyt third the idea that they will rock with heels! xx

  5. I think I'd wear boots with those trousers but maybe that's just me x

  6. I love those trousers, keep them!
    And those pumps are divine.

  7. such a great look...and for such a cheap price - wow! I love the shoes :)



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