Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Wear Pretty Dresses To Work If You Want To!

As far as I'm concerned wintry days when you wish it was more like spring, really call for slipping on a floral dress and thinking warm thoughts!
But as I kind of need my feet and don't wish for them to fall of in the freezing weather I went for some warm wintry shoe boots, a much more practical accompaniment to my spring look!

Today I wore

Floral dress, Boohoo £8, Grey pinstripe tights, Primark £2, Grey cardigan, H&M £15, Belt, Charity shop £1, Necklace, Matalan £3, Shoe Boots, Primark £12, Cocktail Ring, Primark £2

Outfit Total - £43

I am loving pastel nail varnish at the moment, but to keep the Bank Man and the Mr happy I have been mixing my bright colours with white varnish. Today I have gone for a pale pale pink :)

Last night I tried out my new heart shaped silicone cake cases, I filled them with banana and chocolate muffin mix :) yummy and kind of healthy!

Also made some gingerbread men and hearts. Always have to have treats in the house!

P.S. The lovely Steph at http://topshopprincess0188.blogspot.com is having a giveaway to celebrate reaching 100 followers! All you need to do to enter is be a follower of her blog and comment on her giveaway post with the words 'Enter me, I'm a Princess'!


  1. I love your outfit them shoes are great

  2. Beautiful outfit, I love those austere shoes with such a pretty girly frock.
    Great baking, I love gingerbread!

  3. You look lovely! This dress is very pretty! And OMG i'm hungry and wait muffins and cookies! they look yum xx

  4. You get some great shoes in Primark! I love those gorgeous booties. Pretty dress, too!

  5. I love the combo of shoes and tights today :)

  6. Fab dress - i'm a great believer that pretty dresses shouldn't be confined to the wardrobe until summer!

  7. Gorgeous shoes...everyone seems to have such beautiful shoes today which is making me want to shop shop shop

    Love how you've bought a little bit of spring into your day :)

    Queenie x

  8. your outfit is gorgeous . i really love your dress

  9. What a super romantic outfit!

    Ooooh, how I'd love to stay in a house with perpetual treats in it. I can tell you're a very sweet girl!

  10. i love your belted floral dress!


  11. All these people baking on their blogs is making me hungry!

    I very almost brought that cream ring from Primark last week - wish I had done now!


Your comments make me smile :)

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