Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lady Bug Says ... I'm A Candy Cane Girl

I love the weekends, especially when you wake up and the sun is shining! Even more so when you get to go shopping :)
I haven't visited the shops since the beginning of January so a trip was definitely needed!
So on day 6 of my shoe challenge my comfy boots had to make an appearance.
I love these boots so much, would love for them to be a real pair of Uggs but unfortunately my limited spending money can't stretch to them. So my cheap £8 Primark pair will have to do for now!

I wore

Men's shirt, Charity Shop £2, Cufflinks, Borrowed from the Mr, Red cardigan, Primark £10, Belt, Primark free with skirt, Black vest top, H&M £4, Black leggings, H&M £5, Boots, Primark £8, Necklace, I can't remember where from or how much :(

Outfit total - £29

Wish I could remember where this necklace came from as I really like it and would love to get some more similar things!
And now for some piccies from my shopping trip today!

Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop - Silk Scarf £1, Leather Belt £1, Broach £3

H&M - Pink Jumper £10, Black Jersey Skirt £3, Grey Boyfriend Cardigan £15

Primark - Taupe Sheer Shirt £5, Nude Tshirt £4

White Plaited Belt £1.50, Black Over Knee Socks £1.50, Black Over Knee Socks With Floral Bows £1.50, Pink Corsage £1, Black Cocktail Ring £2, Nude Flower Cocktail Ring, £2, Heart Earrings £1.50, Sequined Headband £1
All in all a successful trip, especially as I found some Primark and H&M gift vouchers I had received for Christmas.


  1. Perfect casual outfit today, but I've fallen in love with your necklace! Looks like a great haul from you shopping trip too!

  2. love all your buys! the primark taupe shirt is great! i have it in black and teal :) x

  3. That necklace is gorgeous. I had some of those primark ardi boots but recently took them to the charity shop becuase the wind blew right through them making my feet cold!

    Looks like you got some good bargains from your shop :)

  4. I love your shirt, £2 is a bargain!

  5. Great finds, the scarf is so pretty!
    Like HellfireLover, I'm in love with the necklace!

  6. That is the best necklace!The shirt looks great too. I have those heart earrings but they don't sit right on me, I have let my daughter steal them x

  7. Oh that's a great haul of stuff. I'm rather taken with the sequinned headband.

  8. what a fabulous haul...and my feet are crying out for a pair of those grey boots!

  9. Aww wowee I love your cheap buys!! xxx

  10. Lovely necklace!

    And good shop today! You make me feel jealous - I'm shattered after working all day.
    Those boots look so comfy.

    X x

  11. Oooh look at that pink corsage! You know how I love a pink corsage! :)

    Great haul, and such comfy boots!

  12. Primark has had some amazing accesories in recently


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