Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lady Bug Says ... 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 3

Evening everyone.

Blogging for the 3rd day in a row, this 31 day challenge has certainly given me the motivation I needed to get back into regularly blogging!

Day 3 - Something you are wearing for the first time.

Well this outfit has 3 items getting their first outing! The slightly infamous Zara messenger bag (yes I jumped right on board that bandwagon!), My new to me aztec print top, which was advertised on Ebay as a dress and my grey H&M flatforms.

Burgundy Trousers, Next £12, Aztec print top, Ebay £4, Blazer, H&M Kids £8, Messenger Bag, Zara £20

Grey suede flatforms, H&M £20

Necklace, New Look £3

Outfit total - £67


  1. Great shoes- there's something really appealing about grey wedges

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I'm so lusting after that Zara bag! xo

  3. Gorgeous outfit, I adore those shoes! xxx

  4. That top is amazing - I'm so into prints like that at the moment. Glad to have found your blog, now following and looking forward to the rest of your blogger challenger posts! x

  5. I love everything about this outfit, especially the flatforms, these are the prettiest ones ive seen as they still look like elegant shoes. :) looking forward to the rest of the 30 challenges


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