Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lady Bug Says ... 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 10 & 11


Hope you all had a great weekend in the sunshine! I have my fingers crossed that it sticks around a bit longer. My weekend has been filled with lots of food, if you follow me on instagram you may of seen the crazy about of curry we ordered on Saturday night and my Sunday fry up. I have also been making curtains for our camper van and buying necessary make up, why does everything have to run out at once?!

Anyways, on to the challenge, which I am inevitably behind on!

Day 10 - Cute tights

Most of my tights are of the standard black ad nude sheer variety, so I thought I would show you the few slight different and cute pairs I own.

Stocking heart detail tights, Primark £2

Heart print tights, Primark £2

Heart seam detail tights, Primark £2.50

See a heart and Primark trend going on here?!

Day 11 - Your Spring essential

The good old blazer with turned up sleeves! Perfect for throwing on over pretty much anything when there is that slight chill in the air, I just need a nude/pastel one to add to my mini collection.

Grey jersey blazer, Primark £13, Grey blazer with pink lining, Primark £1, Black waterfall blazer, Primark £10, Red blazer, Forever 21 £19 & Black blazer, H&M Kids £8


  1. I think the heart seam tights are my favourite- they're really cute !

  2. I really want some heart patterned tights, but always bottle out cause I think i'm too old, lol! Maybe I should just go for it!!

  3. My friend has the ones in the top picture and they're so cute! Think I may have to purchase a similar pair myself ;) xx

  4. My friend has the tights in the top picture and they're so cute! I think I may have to purchase a pair myself ;) xx


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