Monday, 14 May 2012

Lady Bug Says ... 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 12, 13 & 14

Evening lovelies!

Day 12 - The outfit you have had the best times in

I don't know about best times plural, but I remember having a really great night with my friends whilst wearing this outfit :)

Beige wedges, Matalan £18, Burgundy skinny trousers, Next £12, Floral top, Tesco £4

Day 13 - Your lazy day at home with style (in front of your house mates/bf/visitor) outfit

My lazy day outfits are all about comfort, but not so comfortable that a surprise guest would have me hiding! I mainly go for unstructured clothing, definitely no tailoring for me on my 'off' days.

Fine knit t shirt, Next £12, Burgundy skinny trousers, Next £12 

Loose striped dress, H&M £5, Mustard cardigan, Primark £5

Day 14 - The item that was hardest to hunt down/buy

I looked through my wardrobe and there wasn't anything really in there that I had to track down. So I thought I would share what I am currently looking for and have been looking for for quite I while.

I first saw these shoes on Ilanka's blog Fashionnerdic probably a year or so a go, and I have been searching on Ebay for them, with no luck, ever since!

She recently sold them in her blog shop but unfortunately they weren't my size!

If anyone finds these in a size 4 or 5 please let me know! The search needs to be over! 


  1. I love the burgundy jeans on you! <3

  2. Love those jeans, and I will keep my beady eye peeled for the shoes.

  3. Great outfit! I am loving those jeans! xx


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