Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lady Bug Says ... 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 8 & 9

Evening :)

Day 8 - Something you forgot you have but love

Next - Around £7 I think!

I love this little sheer jacket so much. But I often forget that I own it as I don't really know what to wear it with! Any hints?!

Day 9 - The item at the top of your wishlist

I am cheating a little here and picking 2 items, both from Zara. I am loving 90% of what they have in store at the moment! The dress would be perfect for the summer and the jacket for the not so spring like weather at the moment, to be brought out again in the Autumn!

Printed tunic dress - £39.99

Safari jacket with leather sleeves - £79.99


  1. That sheer jacket is so gorgeous! xxx

  2. The sheer next jacket is beautiful, I thought it was vintage until I read from next- I would love this. Id wear it with a plain tank top, jeans and heels personally, and have the jacket being the main focus. Hope you get to wear it soon its stunning

  3. That sheer jacket is gorgeous. I'd say a bright top, jeans and tons of necklaces.
    I tried that Zara tunic on at the weekend, it's lovely. Could have spent a fortune!

  4. Lovely jacket and great picks, there are so many things I want at the moment! Too much to love in shops :(

    Karys x

  5. That sheer jacket is divine! I'd personally wear it with a white vest and jean with heels, it's so beautiful that it should be the main focus of the outfit!

    Nat x


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