Friday, 4 May 2012

Lady Bug Says ... 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 4

Evening everyone :)

Hope you are all looking forward to a great Bank Holiday weekend. I took an extra few days off work so have already had a few days of relaxation with the highlight today being cuddling a baby rabbit and feeding a lamb at a farm type place! 

So, onto the challenge!

Day 4 - Your favourite print

I couldn't pick just one item, but at the moment I have a slight obsession with aztec prints!

Neon & mint aztec cardigan, New Look £10, Black & white aztec shift dress, George at Asda via Ebay £1, Tribal aztec skirt, H&M via Ebay £6, Pastel aztec dress, Ebay £6, Navy & white aztec top, Ebay £4

And yes, I also have a little Ebay obsession at the moment, Paypal money isn't real money!


  1. I can understand your obsession with aztec print. great collection.

    X x

  2. Those are some good ebay finds - I just won myself a gorgeous scarf print dress from New Look for 99p - always a good feeling :)

    Gems x

    <a href=">Fashion, Well Done</a>


Your comments make me smile :)

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